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Free Books

NOTE: No copyrights have been violated in my presenting these books. They are all old texts, and therefore within the public domain.

MY COPYRIGHT NOTICE. Inasmuch as a copyright is applicable to any of these works (redrawn tables , charts, etc.) they are copyrighted © 1999, 2000 by Mithras93. These editions are made available only for personal use, and may not be sold, or redistributed at any websites other than: without my permission Mithras93. You may print off copies for your own use.



These documents contain astrological symbols, and to read them you might need to download and install Kenneth Hirst's TrueType Astrology Fonts. It is the "ASTROT.ZIP" file. Make sure you install the font before opening the document. (I have embedded the fonts within the documents, but you never know...)

Christian Astrology

By William Lilly

This is a three-volume tome. The only volume I have transferred to disk at this point is the first one. I have tried to remain as faithful to the original as possible by preserving the peculiarities of spelling, punctuation, and syntax. I have also kept the page numbering exactly as I found it, which means pages end before they're filled, others remain unnumbered, and so on. If any typos of my own have crept in--and it seems inevitable that they will--let me know and I will correct them.

This document is zipped using Winzip, so you will need a zip-compatible decompression utility to access the document. You can download Winzip at It is formatted and saved in Word 97. The document can be printed, but is password protected against modification.

Christian Astrology--Volume 1--MS Word 97

Christian Astrology--Volume 2--Word 2000


The Doctrine of Horary Questions

By John Gadbury

This is a short work of about 65 pages, full of useful information for horary astrologers. Again, I've preserved the vagaries of Gadbury's spelling, and the page number of the source book (it starts on page 235).

I've embedded the astrological fonts within the document, so you should not have to download the fonts (from the link above) to read this document. You may want to, anyway, though.

The Doctrine of Horary Questions--Word 97

A Brief and Most Easy Introduction to the Astrological Judgement of the Stars

by Claudius Dariot

A 97-page treatise on horary electional astrology, 1583. Due to the size of the file (over 3 megs), and the limited space Tripod provides me, I've uploaded the file to my Horary Hour e-mail list's Files area. The book is, therefore, available only to list members. This is a free e-mail list for horary astrology students/practitioners, not an advertising scam.

A Brief and Most Easy Introduction to the Astrological Judgement of the Stars--Word 2000.

Anima Astrologiae; Or, A Guide for Astrologers.

by Guido Bonatus

The aphorisms of Bonatus, with annotations by William Lilly and Henry Coley.

Anima Astrologiae--Word 2000

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