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Where Should We Look for
Land & Jobs?


This is a question I asked myself:  "Where should be look for jobs and land?" 

Background:  We have been seriously looking for a piece of rural land, about 40 acres or so.  So far, we have looked mainly in the East and midwest (MO, and AR).  Family back east makes this the most appealing option for us, but we have had trouble finding the right combination of jobs and property.  Where there are good jobs, land is more expensive.  Where land is cheap, the job market stinks, or the pay is low. 

We currently live in Southern California, a part of the country I have disliked intensely since moving here 2 years ago (especially after wrecking my car in Los Angeles rush hour traffic).  Despite this, we have begun looking at property in Northern California (specifically Humboldt County, a beautiful area), and in parts of LA County.  Land in LA County is obscenely expensive, so until we win the lottery, 40 acres is out of the question.  The perk of remaining here, of course, is that we already have an income...another is that we are spared the agony of moving cross-country again.

On to the chart (chart and data below):

1. First, I deliberately did not ask IF we would find land someplace, or about a specific piece of land.  I just wanted to know in what part of the country we should concentrate.  Despite not wanting to remain in CA, I'd begun having a feeling (a somewhat sinking feeling) we would, at least for several more years.

2. Is the chart radical?  The Ascendant ruler (Jupiter or Neptune) and the Planetary hour ruler (Saturn) are not the same.  Nor is there any significant match between these rulers and my natal chart.   Nevertheless, the chart does seem to address the question.  The lights are significantly placed.  The Moon is in Aries in the first almost exactly conjunct my natal Sun (which is at 6Aries50).  The horary Sun is conjunct the 7th cusp. 7th rules places removed to...the land we hope to buy. The 4th ruler (4th rules farms and real estate) is in 7th.  Descriptive enough for me.

3. I'd never encountered a question like this, so after some thought I decided to attack it as a modified "missing thing" chart.  I used Lilly's indicators, modified to fit this question. 

In a missing-thing chart, the 2nd house rules the lost object. Instead of using the 2nd house in this question, I used the 7th, which rules places removed to. So, then, using these criteria, we have:

1. Asc. Sign--Pisces--N by W

2. Sign of Asc. Ruler(Jupiter)--Cancer--N

3. 4th Ruler--Gemini--W by S

4. Sign of 4th Ruler (Mercury)--Libra--W

5. Sign of Moon--Aries--E

6. Sign of 7th--Virgo--S by W

7. Sign of 7th Ruler (Mercury)--Libra--W

8. Part of Fortune (8Lib39)--W

Conclusion:  The preponderance of indicators seem to suggest that we should concentrate our land (& job) search in the West, particularly the NW and SW.

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