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The Fool THE FOOL--0

Openness, unaffectedness, youthful light-heartedness. Life is an art, experimenting, exploring, non-conforming. Receptivity, spontaneous feelings, intuition, ideas. Pure heart and right motives. Transcendence. Dreaminess, instability, being out of touch with reality. Recklessness, lack of insight into people. Disillusionment with a person one has placed great hopes in. Folly, eccentricity, idealism, failing to use creative powers, inability to see projects through. Mania. Consider carefully a decision you are about to make, a journey (metaphorical or otherwise) you are about to embark upon, etc.


Sovereignty, willpower, effective and determined action. Drive, energy, talent. Inspiration borne of self-motivation. Someone who is convincing, innovative and very original. A penetrating mind and highly developed communication skills. Trickiness, deception, back-stabbing. Wisdom. Message. Learning, business skill, craftiness, shrewdness, initiative. Charisma. Politician. Writer. Timidity, hesitation, speech impediments, delayed messages.


A mysterious woman. Something coming into manifestation. Intuition, empathy, sudden insight. Security due to inner clarity. Wisdom, knowledge of human nature. Chastity. A-sexual love. Change, fluctuation, increase and decrease. Mysteries, secrets, unknown influences. Flexibility. Spirit-guides. "Follow your intuition." Or, lack of foresight. Problems with women. Misogyny. Arrogance, rigidity, ignorance; following the wrong people's advice. Allowing emotions to cloud judgment.