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The Hierophant THE HIEROPHANT--V

Teaching & teachers. An appeal to a conventional guide or teacher. Clergy. Mainstream ideas, widely-held opinions and morals. Divine guidance. Wisdom. Goodness of heart. Benevolent superior. Patience, peace. Kind, persevering, but perhaps unoriginal. Sticking to the rules. Marriage, with other confirming cards (such as Two of Cups, Empress). Practical application of ideas. The search for Truth. A call to examine our lives for meaning, to look at the foundations of our principles. Impractical solutions. Theory without application. Narrow-mindedness. Unconventionality. Oppressive or outworn ideas, ethics, customs. A call to reform rather than conform. Unconventionality. Distortion of truth. Religious fanaticism.


Choice, hunches. Effortless (or passive) inspiration. Integration, with a group or within oneself. Love, flirting, a romance. Beauty, sensuous pleasure and powerful emotions. Having overcome past difficulties, all things fall into place of their own accord. "Weigh your options." Duality. Indecision. Bad information leading to the wrong choice. Unrequited love. Problems in relationships, disillusionment with a person. Unrealistic plans. Disintegration.


Success following from hard work and steady effort, rather than luck. Victory. Health. Individuality, personal independence. Self expression, self expansion. "You should be proud of yourself." Taking the bull by the horns. Meeting a problem head on, with action. Ruthlessness. Sticking to your guns. Self-control. Triumph of the will. Mastery of one's environment. Security and safety. Egotism. Destruction. Heavy-handedness and intrusiveness. Failing to take into account others' points of view. Self-imposed limits. Lack of confidence. Fear. Cracking under pressure. Loss of security. An inability to surmount obstacles.

Strength STRENGTH/LUST-VIII (In some decks, Key XI)

Strength rising from centeredness, love. Courage. Power leading to action. Endurance. A strong woman giving sound advice. Lust for life. Breaking free. Passion. Vitality. Acting from the highest motives. Overcoming one's baser instincts. Spiritual force acting on the material world. Weakness and defeat. Cowardice. Stuck in a rut. Selfishness. Self-indulgence. Mercy becoming weakness. Corruption of ideals. Mistaken or dishonest motives.


Prayer and meditation. Asking for guidance. Receiving guidance. Intelligence, wisdom, insight, calmness. Contemplation, concentrating on what is essential. Illumination from within. Retreat from the world. "Downtime." Self-nurturing. Leaving a situation, project. Prudence and careful consideration. "Look before you leap." Losing touch with reality. Being overly cautious. Good advice refused. Immaturity.

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Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S.Games Systems, Inc.

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