Horary of the Week

December 3, 2001

Question: Will my book be published?

Background Information: None



Aqu. on the Asc. rules the querent, "Richard," and his main significator is Saturn. Co-significators are Mars (observing Lilly's 5 degree house cusp orb rule for Regiomontanus houses), Uranus, Jupiter (Pisces intercepted), Neptune, and the Moon.

The book to be published is a 3rd house item. Tau. on the cusp makes Venus the ruler. Luna in the 3rd makes it a co-ruler.

Publishing is a 9th house matter. Scorpio on the cusp makes Mars the primary significator, with Pluto a co-significator, and Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in the 9th co-rulers. Mercury also rules the 5th house of creative endeavors.

The chart is radical: Planetary hour is Saturn, which rules the Asc. Lights in 3rd and 9th describe querent's question.

Asc. ruler retrograde heading back towards 3rd cusp shows, perhaps, that querent is thinking about revising, rewriting, re-editing...

Positive Indicators:

  1. Venus and Mercury in the 9th. Both show a manuscript getting to the publishers.
  2. MC conjunct Antares, suggesting something good about to happen career-wise.

Negative Indicators:

  1. There are no major applying aspects between the two most symbolically important significators, Venus and Mars. There is, however, a separating square between them. Luna, however, is separating from a square with Mars, and applying to an opposition of Venus, reactivating that frustrating square by translation of light. This doesn't bode well.
  2. Mercury, natural ruler of manuscripts, is combust. Since Merc. is always close to the Moon, this isn't necessarily as debilitating to him as it would be to another planet.
  3. Mercury is also in a critical degree. Mercury is in mutual reception with Jupiter Ruler-to-term, and term-to-term, helping him escape this debility somewhat. Still, using Lilly's planetary strength ratings, Merc. still rates a -3.
  4. Manuscript co-ruler Moon in 3rd applying towards opposition with publisher-Venus in 9th, suggesting a rejection.
  5. Mars is weak (-5). Mars rising also suggests something not working out as planned. If querent expects the worst, this could turn out to be a good thing, not a bad.
  6. Manuscript ruler Venus is weak in Scorpio (her detriment). This suggests the manuscript needs reworking, or rethinking, if it is not yet written.
  7. Venus in the Ninth squares the Asc in less than a degree, suggesting a frustrating relationship between the querent and a publisher.


Despite some positive indications, the balance of them seem to suggest that the book in its current form or as it is currently conceived is not likely to get published. The querent did not provide any details, so I do not know if the book was already at a publisher (although Venus in the 9th would suggest it is). Saturn retrograde moving towards the 3rd suggests that the querent already has some doubts and is thinking about "revisiting" his project, somehow, which is a good idea, since the chart shows potential that is thwarted by debilitated planets. Sun and 9th co-ruler in the 10th are positive in terms of the querent's career, though, and suggest that despite current obstacles, he should regroup, rewrite, or rethink his ideas for his book, and then, perhaps, seek publication. To learn the success of that pursuit, however, would require another horary chart.