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I'm leaving this form page up, but for the unforseeable future will regrettably be unable to process and satisfy any requests. Any requests submitted will be ignored.

About the Reports.

The computer-generated reports are created using WinWriter, and adjunct program to Matrix software's WinStar astrology program. Typically, astrologers offer these programs as cheaper alternatives to personal consultation readings. I see them offered usually for about $20, but have seen them sold for as high as $100, a price that is, well, ridiculous. Depending on the length of the report, and how it is delivered (i.e., e-mail or snail mail), $20 is probably a fair price.

So why am I giving them away for free?

Because I can. I'm not a professional astrologer. I love it when I find free stuff on the Internet, and miss the early days of the Web before everything became so heavily commercialized. There is a vast number of astrologers trying to make a buck, and I'm still not sure that astrology is a good way to make a any case, I think given the imprecision of it, the prices most astrologers charge are absurd. I have nothing against making a buck. Capitalism is great. Hell, I'm a Republican! Still, the $150-$250+ that some astrologers charge for a reading seems absurd. Some astrologers may be worth that. I've consulted one that I think is worth what she charges: Joan McEvers. But how many people can afford such a price, whether it's worth it or not?

So I give away what is fairly easy for me to give away.

How to Read the Reports

Understand that these are computer-generated reports. I don't delineate the charts myself--that's why they're free. While these reports are entertaining, they will suffer from the sort of drawback you'd expect: The various elements of your chart are not synthesized, not weighted the way they'd be with an individualized reading. As you read your report, you will encounter apparent contradictions among your chart's many aspects and planetary placements. You need to focus on the report's core issues. For this reason, I recommend you begin with a good understanding of your natal chart. The predictive reports and relationship reports depend on natal positions. (And the natal report comes with some predictive material.)

First weigh the placements and aspect.


* Blend the Sun and Moon sign placements first. The Sun-Moon blend will describe your core personality. Let the chart interpretation grow out of the Sun-Moon blend. For more about the Sun-Moon blend, see Noel Tyl's books.

* Next, examine your chart for T-squares, grand crosses, grand trines. In other words first find the major sources of "developmental tension" in your chart, the challenges that will help you grow. Look for other prominent aspects. These prominent aspects will further modify the Sun-Moon blend.

* Remember that planetary placements will be modified by aspects to other planets, so first read the sun house/sign entries, then modify those with whatever major aspects those planets make.

* Major aspects will usually carry considerably more weight than minor aspects. Major aspects are: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition, and in some cases quincunx.

* Look for confirmation within a chart, where possible.


Choose One Report

When you finish entering the information below, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

* I need a time, date, and location of birth for each person if you request a relationship chart.

* Double check your e-mail address. I occasionally get requests with invalid e-mail address, and am unable to sent reports.

* Please request only one report. I'll ignore requests for multiple reports.

Computer Generated:


If requesting a relationship report, please choose the type of relationship: Platonic Romantic

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If you are requesting a relationship report, you'll need to provide this information for the other person. NOTE: I need both your birth times (not just the dates) to run the chart. Please do not submit a request until you have both the birth times. Thanks.

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