Can You Write?

Do You Have Something to Say?

The more I planned the future of this site, the more I realized how time consuming it would be to execute all those plans myself. I need help.

If you've written any articles of interest to tarot & astrology students, and would like to see your ideas posted here, e-mail them to me, either as text, or as an attached Word 97 document file. I can't promise I'll "publish" everything. Also, I may revise your work for clarity (fixing punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors); if work requires more than simple mechanical fixing-up, I'll return it with some suggestions, or questions.

Sadly, I cannot pay you for submissions.

Specifically, I'm interested in receiving:

Free Books

I thought I would type up all of Lilly's Christian Astrology and put it up here, in a downloadable and printable format. It takes a person of finer mettle than I, however, to do all that typing. Instead, I've purchased a scanner, and OCR software, and plan to scan the following books and put them up here. This will be no small feat. I'll probably post material as I scan it and clean it up. As of 11/16/99, the scanner is backordered, so check back.

Why do I want to give away this stuff, when I could quite easily print it off and sell it myself? I give it away because I can. All this stuff is in the public domain, and an important part of astrological history. And who am I to make money off the work of others?

Christian Astrology, by William Lilly
Astrology Restored, by William Ramsey
Astrological Judgement of the Sick, by Nicholas Culpepper
A Vade Mecum, by John Partridge
Anima Astrologia, by Bonatus, ed. Wm. Lilly/Henry Coley
Doctrine of Horary Questions, by Gadbury
Key to the Whole Art of Astrology, by Henry Coley

There are other old texts I'd like to put up, but that they are translated complicates the copyright laws--at least it does so beyond my simpleton's understanding of them. Until I find out what is and is not permitted, I have no plans to put up anything translated by contemporary translators.