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Reading horary charts takes much more time than generating computer reports. For this reason, I can't guarantee that I even will get to your question, let alone will do so in a timely manner. Even if I am unable to get to it myself, I will submit it to my e-mail list for other horary practitioners to look at and respond to.

Important. Please Read:

My main purposes in offering the free horary readings is to gather charts to use for instructional purpose, and to share with other horary astrologers on my e-mail list, and at my website. Also, I can always use more practice!

From among the horary requests I receive, I will choose one (maybe more) to write up on the Horary of the Week page. As likely as not, I will not personally read the other charts. If I do, it might only be a quick look. In any case, I probably will not respond personally to any horary reading requests. Instead, I will post a reading at this sight, on the Horary of the Week page. If an astrologer on my e-mail list provides an interesting reading of a horary request, I might forward it to you. In other words, if I receive more requests than I can comfortably process, it is likely that your request will not receive a response. In any case, you'll have to check back at this site (on the Horary of the Week page) to see if you question has been chosen.

Rest assured that I will not divulge any identifying information about you.

Please state your actual question as succinctly, and specifically as possible. Examples of well-phrased horary questions are:

"Will Rachel and I marry?"

"Should I ask Rachel to marry me?"

"Where is my lost kitten?"

"Who stole my wallet, and will it be recovered?"

"Who is spreading vicious rumors about me?"

"Will the seller accept our bid?"

"Will we win the lawsuit?"

"Will I get the job?"

Types of questions I will not answer: Health questions, and stock market questions. These are valid horary questions, but in my opinion, you should consult a competent health care pro rather than an astrologer if you're sick. As for stock market questions--I the best piece of investment advice I can give you is: Do your own research!

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I ask for the "birth data" of your horary question as a backup...generally, I use the time and place I first come to understand your question, though.

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"I understand that any information I receive in a horary reading is for entertainment purposes only. I do not hold the astrologer responsible in any way for choices I make based on this information, or for consequences that result from those choices."

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