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If you find other good astrology or esoteric sites, especially sites offering free resources, drop me a line and let me know about them. If you send me a commercial site, please be sure that it is one with a generous amount of free resources. I won't add a commercial site that offers mere "teaser" freebies.

Asrology Links

Allen Edwall's Astrology Software--This guy must be some kind of saint. He is giving away astrology programs he has written. If you don't have any astrology software--and even if you do--check his out. It's very good. He also has numerology programs. An excellent resource.

Anthony Louis's Tarot and Astrology--Anthony Louis wrote Horary Astrology Plain And Simple, one of the best--and most enjoyable--astrology books I've read. His site contains free lessons in horary astrology, electional astrology, geomancy, and more.

Astrodienst Online--Online geographic location database. Free.

Astrolog--Another free astrology program. Open source for you programmers who might want to tweak it.

Astrology Matrix--A commercial site, but with oodles of free information, articles, and data.

Abacus Free Astrology Services--Free online chart calculations and simple reports.

Free Astrology Fonts--Well, almost free: They're shareware.

Fixed Stars--A tremendous online resource. Fixed stars are frequently used in horary astrology, so this is one site you'll want to be sure to bookmark.

Kairon--Free astrology software for the Mac.

Noel Tyl's Site--One of the foremost--and most prolific--astrologers of our time. He has a web board, through which he converses with other astrologers.


Tarot Links

Rebel Planet--A good place to go for articles on tarot and other esoteric subject.

Mitch's Golden Dawn Site-- Great links, online documents, downloads, links. A great resource.

The American Tarot Association--Tarot certification, courses, newsletter, links.



For each of the reviews below, there is a link to Should you buy any of these books by clicking through from my website, I will recieve a small payment based on your purchase. Just so you know . . . .

Here are my brief opinions of a selection of books. I will be adding more as time permits.

I rate them thus:

* * * * *  	Excellent
* * * *		Very Good
* * *		Good
* *		    Standard stuff
*		    I admit the possibilty that there might be some redeeming 
		       qualities . . . even if I can't see them myself.
No Stars	Utter Dreck.  If you already own it, give it to someone you hate, or use it
   			to line the bird cage.



Other Books