Horary and Electional Astrology E-mail Group

This e-mail group is meant to provide horary and electional astrologers and people interested in learning more about horary astrology a place to share ideas, charts, problems, and techniques.

It is NOT a place to request free readings. Astrologers may certainly submit charts for us all to learn from, but non-astrologers and non-contributors should not come here looking for chart readings. In the future, if we build up a willing base of astrologers, this policy might change.

Please observe the following rules:

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  2. To unsubscribe from this group, send a message to: horary-unsubscribe@eGroups.com

  3. Please do not post "Unsubscribe me" messages to the e-mail list. They will be ignored.

  4. To avoid filling people's mailboxes with trivial messages, please have something to say when you post to this group. One-line responses like--"Me too"--are mere clutter, and of not interest to anyone . . . probably not even to the poster.

  5. When responding to posts, please quote sparingly, viz., only that part of the source message to which you are responding. No one likes to wade through a pile of old news.

  6. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. Flamers will be summarily removed from the list.

  7. NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING! Anyone using this list to advertise his or her own services or website will be summarily removed from the group. It is acceptable, however, to have a discreet link to one's own website (so long as it is not an offensive website) in the signature of your posts, even if that website offers some commercial services.

  8. Do not send attachments to the list.

  9. DO submit charts for our consideration. When submitting a chart, please provide the following information:

    1. The time the question was proposed. Include AM, PM, and Time Zone
    2. The date the question was proposed
    3. The city, state, country the question was proposed. Include the longitude and latitude.
    4. The original question. Also let us know if you are the astrologer, the querent, or both.
    5. Helpful background information
    6. Your interpretation of the chart, problems you have with it, reasons for making the choices you made, etc. If you can refer to specific texts by page number, all the better.
    7. Any information you would like from group members

  10. If you need to calculate a chart, you can do so at the Astrodienst site, or download Allen Edwall's excellent free astrology program (for Windows 3.1, 95, and 98) Astrowin.

  11. Please do not send any personal communication to this group.

  12. You may view the message archive and other group information at:

For anyone who is interested, this list was born on November 2, 1999, at 10:55 AM, 118W32 34N23