Will the Shows Be Financially Successful for Me?


The querent began with a succinct, focused question--always a good start. He was thinking about plunking down $25 to open a booth at a psychic fair, and wanted to know if it would be a good investment. His question, specifically, was, "Will the shows be financially successful for me?"

1. Asc & Planetary hour match. Moon in 10th of business ventures. Moon also rules 2nd. Chart is radical.

2. Cancer on Asc and Jupiter in 1st make the Moon and Jupiter rulers of the the querent. 2nd house with Cancer on the cusp is ruled by Moon, so I would be inclined to use Jupiter in 1st as querent's primary ruler. The show as a business venture is ruled by the 10th.

3. Moon is well dignified, trining (weak) Sun in 6th of work. It is within orb, even though it must change signs before the aspect perfects. A good sign.

4. Jupiter is retrograde in 1st. It is well dignified despite its retrogradation, and in mutual reception with the Moon in the 10th. Another good sign.

5. Moon is peregrine and slow but still well dignified by Lilly's point system (+10, thanks to accidental dignity). Being angular in the 10th and in mutual reception with Jupiter help.

To me, the balance of indications were positive. Still, the querent was not, in fact, financially successful at the show. Where did I go wrong?

I'm still not sure...I still think the indications are largely positive. One thing I failed to notice, though, is the debilitated nature of 7th-ruler Saturn, which is retrograde in the 12th. Lilly warned against judging a chart when the Lord of the 7th is unfortunate. Since the 7th rules the astrologer ("other people"), an afflicted 7th ruler impairs his ability to act--in this case, to judge the chart. And, since Saturn is so severely afflicted, this and this alone might account for the astrologers--that is, my--poor performance reading this chart.